DJ Decks & Controllers

DJ Deck and Controller Repair

From vinyl turntables to CDJs and mixers, GT Electronics offers a complete DJ Deck and Controller Repair Service. I am able to service, refurbish and fix a wide range of DJ equipment from various manufacturers including Pioneer, Technics, Allen & Heath, Rane, Denon and Vestax amongst others.

Equipment cleaning, lubrication and calibration can also be undertaken to prevent future mishaps. A warranty is provided with each DJ equipment repair, for extra value for money.

GT Electronics understands the importance of having a well-maintained DJ mixer therefore I have spent years repairing, servicing, installing, and working with main brand DJ mixers such as Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Native Instruments, Vestax, Stanton, Ecler, Numark, and many more. Any fault or problems you may be experiencing with your DJ mixer, I can most likely repair it.

Technics Service & Repair

If you’re having problems with your turntables and need them working at optimum performance, you’ve come to the right place. GT Electronics offers a Technics turntable service, with free appraisal.

Offering a full service on Technics SL1210-1200 MK2, MK3, MK5 and MK5G turntables. All service will require client consent before any service is carried out. The service process and repair cost will be outlined at the outset, before any work is carried out.

If during the service process additional faults are found, the client will be notified of the faults, and authorisation will be required before any repairs are carried out or parts sourced getting your equipment up and running quickly and hassle free.

I stock an array of Genuine Technics spare parts to ensure your unit can be repaired promptly and am able to bring 1210’s back to a good working order from practically any condition.

I can help with
  • Replacement faders, pots and buttons
  • Platter service/replacement
  • Replacement drive assemblies
  • Screen replacement
  • Connector replacement
  • Servicing and cleaning
  • Upgrading components
  • PAT testing
  • Error codes
  • Power supply repair/replacement
  • And more
Technics problems I can resolve
  • Bent/snapped tone arm repair
  • Pitch fader replacement/calibration
  • Target light
  • Signal and ground wire replacement
  • Power issues
  • Drive and control chip issues
  • And more

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