Vintage Equipment

Vintage Electronic Repair

GT Electronics is your one stop shop for all Vintage Electronic Repair. There’s something magical about vintage electronic equipment. It’s sentimental, helps us to re-live our youth and brings back good memories of times gone by. Vintage equipment is also becoming increasingly valuable and incredibly collectable.

Over the years I have successfully restored Radiograms, Record Players, Radio’s, Reel to Reel Tape Recorders and Hi-Fis from the ‘50s, 60’s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Often these beautifully made products were handed down from the family so the younger generation can enjoy them.

The sound that they produce is often warm and mellow and being well built when they were new, they will continue to perform well for many years to come.

At GT Electronics I am passionate about repairing and restoring vintage electronic equipment. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing it brought back to life. I can repair and restore Quad, Leak, Sugden, Wharfedale, Grundig, Philips, Tandberg, Akai, Sony, Teac, Aiwa, BSR, Bush, Garrard, Goldring, Lenco, Pioneer, Nakamichi, Yamaha – and many more!

As long as it’s old, I can make it as good as new!

Arcade Machines

Do you have an arcade machine in need of repair? I service and repair all brands of arcade machines from the 80’s to present. With years of experience, I can bring your old game back to life, I can carry out a wide range of arcade game repairs including the repair of game controls, joysticks, buttons, monitors, video game PCB’s, power supplies, transformers, wiring looms and more.

I offer expert on-site repair for every type of arcade machine video game from vintage or classic electronic (solid state) arcade machines including all new & recent models. I can also repair & service all types of Pinball Machines.

I can repair
  • Radiograms
  • Record Players
  • Radio’s
  • Tape recorders
  • Reel to reels
  • Hi-Fi’s
  • and more
Arcade issues repairable include
  • Power Issues
  • Display Issues
  • Sound Issues
  • Controller Issues
  • Coin-Op Issues
  • Games Board Issues
  • and more

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